The Tallahassee Veterans Legal Collaborative provides legal counsel and referrals to all veterans living in Florida’s Big Bend area.

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Welcome to the Tallahassee Veterans Legal CollaborativeIf you are a Veteran visiting this site, it is our honor on behalf of the Collaborative to thank you for your service and offer our services to you. 

Growing out of the successes of the North Florida Homeless Veterans Stand Down, we are a network of hundreds of volunteer lawyers, paralegals, organizers and community service providers who are passionate about serving the men and women who have served our country in military service.

Whether you are a Veteran yourself or someone who supports our Veterans, we hope you will visit the pages on this website and join us in building meaningful and ongoing support for Veterans in the Tallahassee area.

Flip through the pictures in the “Photo Gallery” and you’ll recognize friends who have participated in our Veteran Stand Downs and other events over the last several years.

We’ve hosted hundreds of legal clinics for veterans, and most of these clinics were hosted by the American Legion Post 13 at Lake Ella. These Thursday clinics are weekly and ongoing, as are similar clinics hosted out at the VA’s clinic. Working with court officials of the Second Judicial Circuit (FL), our volunteers have organized a total of 8 Stand Down Court Dockets, usually specially authorized out at the North Florida Fairgrounds.  

If you are an attorney, please volunteer to provide pro bono legal consultation or other legal services to specific veterans.  Whether you are an attorney or other citizen wanting to help, we would appreciate any financial donation, as well.

Most of our budget, however, is the proud result of in-kind donations, pro bono legal services and other volunteer work by what has grown to a team of more than three hundred volunteers!

Dan Hendrickson, President:  Tallahassee Veterans Legal Collaborative

Rest In Peace

We miss you.

Obituary for Major Haynes